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Yamaha Drum Machines

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Yamaha Drum Machines

All The Instruments dot com welcomes you to our Yamaha Drum Machines section.  All The Instruments provides you with all the Yamaha Drum Machines.  With the Guaranteed Lowest Prices, Low Monthly Payments and Free Shipping on most orders over $99.  Yamaha Drum Machines such as and more listed below under Guaranteed Lowest Priced Yamaha Drum Machines.  And our Yamaha Drum Machines are 100% Official Yamaha Drum Machines.  So enjoy your visit at our Yamaha Drum Machines.

Guaranteed Lowest Priced Yamaha Drum Machines

Yamaha DD20C 4 Pad Digital Drum Champagne

Yamaha DD20C 4 Pad Digital Drum Champagne

It's Touch Sensitive The Yamaha DD20C features four touch-sensitive drum pads. A heavier touch will create a louder sound while a lighter touch will give you a softer one. That means that the DD20C electronic drum pads will respond like an acoustic drum - with expressive music.

Voices What would you like to play? This little beauty runs the gamut with over 50 assignable PCM voices. In addition the digital drums have ten percussion sets (9 pre-set and 1 assignable), 100 PCM rhythm patterns, and three types of auto-roll.

Effects Need a little something more? The DD20C also features four sound effect pads that play 16 different effects. Give yourself a round of applause or make the dog bark it's up to you!

Get into the groove Tempo control with tap start means that you just give a tap and off you go! Press the "tap start" button, tap the drum pad three or four times to set the tempo, and you're jammin'!

It's the little things that count The DD20C features jacks for an A/C adapter and headphones (so you can jam without waking the neighbors!) Built-in speaker for great sound. Drumsticks included. A/C adapter and headphones are not included.

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