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GMS Double Bass

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GMS Double Bass

All The Instruments dot com welcomes you to our GMS Double Bass section.  All The Instruments provides you with all the GMS Double Bass.  With the Guaranteed Lowest Prices, Low Monthly Payments and Free Shipping on most orders over $99.  GMS Double Bass such as and more listed below under Guaranteed Lowest Priced GMS Double Bass.  And our GMS Double Bass are 100% Official GMS Double Bass.  So enjoy your visit at our GMS Double Bass.

Guaranteed Lowest Priced GMS Double Bass

GMS SE 8-Piece Double Bass Standard Shell Pack

Throughout the years, the GMS Drum Co. has developed a reputation for innovative and functional products for drummers. Through much testing, GMS developed the Special Edition (SE) lug. Designed with no springs to rattle and no cavities to create ugly harmonics, the SE lug has a very small footprint but retains the stress-relieving properties of the Grand Master Series lug. The SE lug has the same swivel nut as the GM lug, but diverts shell stress by tensioning from the bottom of the lug casing, rather than the top.Shells GMS Special Edition drums are made up of select 8-ply North American maple. GMS does not graduate the thickness of the shell as the diameter gets larger. Through extensive research, GMS decided that 8-ply shells performed best all around the kit. Thinner shells (without reinforcement rings) have a tendency to be too thin to handle the vibrations in all dynamic situations. They can distort at higher volume levels, and also are weak, because of the thinness of the body. Some companies use thin shells in conjunction with reinforcement hoops, to stabilize the shell. Reinforcement hoops give a shell thicker tops and bottoms. The result is that the thicker edges resonate at different frequencies than the body of the shell. Through testing, GMS found that the company prefers the resonance of the straight shell, where the whole shell resonates as one. GMS found that the 8-ply shell offered all the properties the company was looking for: thin enough for wide tonal ranges and strong enough to not need reinforcement hoops, but not too thick to raise the frequency to a higher pitch. If the shell is too thick, it raises the pitch (just as thicker cymbals have a higher pitch). So, when floor toms and bass drums are made thicker, the pitch of the shell is raised.Also, all Special Edition 8-ply maple shells are cross-laminated for strength. GMS uses a staggered-seam construction so none of the ply seams line up on each other. This produces one of the best shells available today.GMS bearing edges utilize a 45 cut on the inside of the shell and a shallow 45 counter-cut on the outside. GMS drum kits feature a graduated bearing edge around the set. In essence, the edges are sharper on smaller diameter toms and get rounder as the diameters get larger. This exclusive process enhances the drums' attack and sustain, while offering larger drums more low end and punch.Finishing All GMS drums go through an intense finishing process, to become Special Edition high-gloss drums. All raw shells are hand-sanded to give the paint a good surface to adhere to. If the drums are to be stained, it is done at this point. If not, they are primed with a clear primer and allowed to dry. They are then sanded flat and smooth, and are ready for color. The color or sparkle is then applied to the drum, followed by the clear coat. The drums are then set aside in the GMS drying area for 10-14 days until they are thoroughly dry. At this point, they go to the sanding


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