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French Horn Brass Wrap

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French Horn Brass Wraps

All The Instruments dot com welcomes you to our French Horn Brass Wraps section.  All The Instruments provides you with all the French Horn Brass Wraps and French Horn Bags.  French Horn Brass Wraps such as Pro Tec French Horn Brass Wraps, DEG French Horn Brass Wraps, SKB and more listed below under Cheap French Horn Brass Wraps.  And our French Horn Brass Wraps are 100% Official French Horn Brass Wraps.  So enjoy your visit at our French Horn Brass Wraps section.

Cheap French Horn Brass Wraps and French Horn Bags

Neotech French Horn Brass Wrap Black

Neotech French Horn Brass Wrap Black

Neotech's French Horn Brass Wrap ™ is great for marching bands or for performers who play in long gigs. The neoprene Brass Wrap™ fits snugly on your French horn, so that you get a firm and comfortable grip while protecting the finish from hand moisture and oils. The non-slip backing keeps your Brass Wrap securely in place while Velcro® fasteners allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning or storage. The ultra-comfortable pad reduces grip-fatigue and makes playing for long periods a pleasure, not a pain. Brass Wrap ™ insulates your hand in both cold and hot weather while protecting against moisture. You're always assured a secure grip. Brass Wrap keeps your French horn tone pure and your grip happy. Give your French Horn a Brass Wrap!Brass Wraps can be washed in mild detergent and laid flat to dry.

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