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Bass Guitar Brands

Bass Guitar Brands
All The Instruments dot com welcomes you to our Bass Guitar section.  

Construction of the Bass Guitar

There are 2 main parts to the bass guitar; the body and the neck.  The material used and the construction of the components play a major part in creating the sound.  More importantly, they form an unchangeable part of the sound.  That is to say, you can change pickups, strings, effects and amps but you cannot change the body or neck.  That is why it is important to choose a bass guitar that is composed of the materials you prefer.

Bass Guitar Body Materials

Wood Body Bass Guitars - The most common material for the body of a bass guitar is wood.  Tried and true with years of service, wood bodies are usually made from alder wood.  Ash was originally the wood of choice but alder wood became widely used in the construction of bass guitars because of its ease of use (easy to fill pores).

Composite Body Bass Guitars - The main reason for using other composites is because the guitars can be made by die-casting.  This allows for mass production and gives total shape/style control to the designer.

Bass Neck Materials

Maple is the most common wood used for a bass neck.  This is not to be confused with the bass fret board.  The fret board is usually rosewood, however, other materials such as ebony are good choices.

Please let us know if there are any other Bass Guitar Brands.  With the lowest prices and low monthly payments available, you can't go wrong.  Bass guitar brands such as:

Aria Electric Bass Guitars ] Axl Bass Guitars ] BC Rich Bass Guitars ] Conklin Bass Guitars ] Cort Bass Guitars ] Daisy Rock Bass Guitars ] Danelectro Bass Guitars ] Dean Bass Guitars ] Epiphone Bass Guitars ] ESP Bass Guitars ] Fender Bass Guitars ] Fernades Bass Guitars ] G&L Bass Guitars ] Gibson Bass Guitars ] Godin Bass Guitars ] Gretsch Bass Guitars ] Hallmark Bass Guitars ] Hamer Bass Guitars ] Hofner Bass Guitars ] Ibanez Bass Guitars ] Italia Bass Guitars ] Jackson Bass Guitars ] Kay Bass Guitars ] Lace Bass Guitars ] Laguna Bass Guitars ] Lakland Bass Guitars ] Luna Bass Guitars ] Modulus Bass Guitars ] MTD Bass Guitars ] Music Man Bass Guitars ] Normandy Bass Guitars ] NS Design Bass Guitars ] OLP Bass Guitars ] Peavey Bass Guitars ] Pedulla Bass Guitars ] Rouge Bass Guitars ] Schecter Bass Guitars ] Spector Bass Guitars ] Squier Bass Guitars ] Steinberger Bass Guitars ] Sterling Bass Guitars ] Tobias Bass Guitars ] Traben Bass Guitars ] US Masters Bass Guitars ] Warwick Bass Guitars ] Washburn Bass Guitars ] Waterstone Bass Guitars ] Yamaha Bass Guitars ] Zon Bass Guitars ]  

Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000

Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000

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